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Who we are.

Until now there has only been two ways to book a speaker: either through a bureau; or book directly through the speaker. Now there's the Select Speakers way, Australia's safest and most cost effective way to book a speaker.

Here's why...a bureau takes up to a 30% commission from the speaker you book and keeps it. At Select Speakers we take the same commission AND we rebate 10% of it back to you to be used on your very next booking.

Put simply, no other booking model stacks up or looks after you, the client, like Select Speakers. Ask us to find you a speaker, let us know if you already have one in mind, find a speaker by any means you like but once you've found them be smart and get in touch with us to book through Select Speakers to receive your super generous rebate!

Three decades after founding one of Australia's largest speaker booking agencies, this unique and exclusive agency was born from a desire to create a marquee, personal experience that moves away from the "numbers game" found at most speakers bureaux. Getting the best speaker for an event is about understanding the event brief and product knowledge. We concentrate on the brief and the type of speaker that you need. The best recommendation comes from experience combined with truly understanding both the speakers and the event brief and this is exactly what you get with Select Speakers.

Chris Mooney

Managing Director

How we work.

1 It's all about the brief. We will discuss your event in detail and learn about what you would like to achieve for your audience.

2We use our extensive industry experience and knowledge to present you with the best possible shortlist of speakers suited to your event.

3Once you select a speaker we will arrange for you to connect with them directly to further tailor the presentation for your audience.